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All the freedom of Android and Internet on your TV!

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  • The Google experience
  • The world of Android!
  • A whole range formats
  • Miracast function
  • A remote control
  • Because it’s still a TV
  • Manage your time
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The Google experience

The Google experience


Certified by Google and powered by Android, the Android Box offers access to Google Play which offers thousands of apps, including your favorites. Get premium access to movies, TV series and music with Play Movies, Play Music and other apps.

  • AndroidAndroid
  • Plays storePlays store
  • Plays moviesPlays movies
  • YoutubeYoutube
  • Play musicPlay music
The world of Android!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Android!


The TV Box was designed so you can use content you can't find in the Play Store too! Find your alternative content on the Internet using other app stores and browse your favorite websites.

A whole range formats

A whole range of video formats


The TV Box includes a whole range of codecs to provide a better video quality and an higher viewing experience. Got some 3D MKV file on your flash drive or an HDD from a “friend”? The TV Box is a full featured multimedia player with 3D playback capability to help you enjoy your multimedia content.

  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • dts 2.0+Digital Out
Miracast function

Miracast function


Wirelessly mirror all of your multimedia content from your mobile devices/PC to your TV screen and enjoy your videos, photos, games and music.

A remote control

A top-notch remote control to rule your world


The Movie Cube TV Box comes with aremote control with motion 8-axis control on one side and a QWERTY keyboard on the other side. Peach skin feel.

  • remote control
  • remote control
  • remote control
Because it’s still a TV

Because it’s still a TV…


Equipped with a DVB-T1 tuner and preloaded with the TV app, to enjoy your favorite channels and programs.*TV channels available in your area Free live TV

  • DVB T Terrestrial
  • TNT HD
  • TDT
  • DVB
Manage your time

Manage your time as you wish


Need a break? Or not available to see your favorite program? No problem! With the timeshift function, you can easily pause and restart the program where you left off. And with the recording function, simply record the program you wish to enjoy it at an other time.* A USB flashdrive or an HDD must be plugged to allow timeshift and recording functions.